A man must know his identity in the world and his purpose, what he needs and from where it is available, how it is available and who will deliver it. By reading and analyzing all these Holy Scriptures one knows about the higher values of life, that is the purpose of the Library.

Dr Harbhajan Singh

In the library mainly Holy Scriptures will be available, together with biographies of great personalities and philosophical scriptures. An exhibition contains several boards which demonstrate the basics of spirituality.

The multitude of Scriptures we can witness today originate from different time periods in different languages.

Already the Upanishads say there is only one Truth or reality though explained in various ways by the saints and sages. To realise this Truth is ultimately a matter of inner experience and not just of knowing and understanding on a mere intellectual level. The scriptures make valuable references to this inner aspect, which is common to all religions, and we find many similarities in the ethical guidelines as well.

The outer aspect of religion includes the beliefs and outer forms of worship which may differ a lot. When the inner essence falls into oblivion these outer aspects receive too much importance. Therein lies the danger that through narrow-mindedness and dogmatism religion turns into shackles for man and may even become a cause of war and strife. The aim of the library is to encourage a comparative study of religions and to further an independent view.

An exhibition demonstrates the basic unity of all religions with the use of texts and illustrations. 

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By clicking on the picture you can download the exhibition in the library as a PDF file:

Kirpal Sagar Library Exhibition

Let everyone have the independent view of all those Holy Scriptures and yearn for and find the right cause of human life alreadey experienced by all competent Masters of the world.

Dr Harbhajan Singh