.... thousands of hands

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"The spiritual light of unity is being revealed through the coming together of the world religions, and the recapturing of the teachings of the Master-Saints.
Dogma and formalized doctrines are being discarded, as man begins to overcome his fear of death and consciously crosses the "great beyond" whilst yet remaining in physical incarnation.
All of you assembled here can become Ambassadors of Truth; it is not so difficult to do that. The center of gravity is in you, you have only to awaken it. That will happen when there is no conflict between our thoughts, speech, and actions: when we do not profess one thing and do something else."

                                                                                                                        Sant Kirpal Singh

For more than 30 years it has been shown in Kirpal Sagar, that it is possible for people of all classes, races, religions and sexes to be able to live together in respect and understanding in order to devote their main attention to the real purpose of life – to recognize themselves and God the Lord of all.

"The golden or higher age of Sat Yug will be born from Kali Yug - it will not fall from Heaven all at once. The change has started: those who have eyes may see, those who have ears may hear. It is always darker before the dawn, but the more darkness there is, so the more light there is before us. The awakening is already there, and twinkling’s of light can be observed. Again, I would say, those with eyes may see, those with ears may hear."   
                                                                                                                       Sant Kirpal Singh

Inside this change has already taken place and will now unfold throughout the whole upcoming Golden Age. But to believe in such statements seems to be very difficult for us, until we can see these facts with one’s own eyes. 

Then a real awakening can help us – something that brings us back to our already existing inner blissful connection to the source of life. And this can always happen through the grace of God. We cannot deserve it or work for it with our mind, but we must know how to use our attention.

Our attention is the key. Whereever we put our attention, we worship God, because our attention is pure love ... but in some cases there are only so-called gods of our self-created wishes and imaginary conceptions of our mind and intellect, which split our love in thousands of pieces and then we feel very much empty. 

Therefore, to BE GOOD - DO GOOD and BE ONE is an important practical and powerful basis for our awakening, simply to bind our attention to the helping factors on our way back to God. Sounds like a very simple recipe, but our lives must be filled with it, if it really is to work. And then – if we put our steps in this direction – this Almighty Power comes 1000 steps towards us, to support us, to give, whatever we need, to progress further. This is likely the common experience of all who  started to do selfless work in their life or who seriously searched for God.

So what does it means, that this power now will work through thousands of hands? – It means, that the work, which previously was done by the Masters has now started to become our own responsibility to some extent, and it has been put in many more hands. No real Master ever wanted to have mere followers or even to create a religion – they wanted us always to be like them – with similar duties, done in a disciplined and selfless way. This way we would be easily ready to get direct guidance through that Almighty Power.

In Kirpal Sagar this happens every day and so far, it is just the beginning of something which may spread all over the world. Many more hands will be needed to perform this future work everywhere. Kirpal Sagar is therefore something like a living example, which can be multiplied. And everyone of you (who is reading these lines now) might already be a part of it.