Public School

The "Kirpal Harbhajan (K.H.) Public School" was opened in 2001 in remembrance of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr Harbhajan Singh. Here the children get an education which their parents otherwise could not afford.

The school starts with two kindergarten classes, followed by 8 elementary classes. Many of the children from the surrounding areas attend the school receiving good education which they otherwise could not afford.

Right from the beginning English is taught. Now there are about 300 students registered. Talented children are awarded scholarships for the Kirpal Sagar Academy. The children have great respect for Mrs Surinder Kaur and see her as a mother. Pupils often come with their parents saying, "Look, this is our Biji (mother)!" They show them each corner of Kirpal Sagar as they regard it as their "own place".

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the K.H. Public School, Mrs Surinder Kaur addressed the gathering:
The children have come to attain knowledge. A child in the tender age is very pure, it is innocent. A child learns everything – good or bad – from his parents. According to the instructions of Sant Kirpal Singh, Dr Harbhajan Singh made a common platform for the whole humanity to come and sit there. The real temple of God is already within us. To see His real greatness we have to see Him from inside with the help of the Third Eye.

It is with the grace of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr Harbhajan Singh who made it possible to open this school where the children are getting the necessary education. Dr Harbhajan Singh used to say that people coming to Kirpal Sagar should go out as a perfect person. While living in Kirpal Sagar, we all should learn to be perfect in all walks of life.

Sant Kirpal Singh is giving us the light and the power to make the best use of it. We feel very happy and proud when we pass through the K.H. Public School. The children are being given the solid foundation for their future.