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    125th Birthday Anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh • February, 3rd-6th 2019 in Kirpal Sagar - Video

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    Kirpal Sagar - Sightseeing-flight  - Video

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    God is a being and this being is you! - Video


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    Birthday Anniversary of H.H. Biji Surinder Kaur Ji


    Birthday Anniversary of H.H. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji in Amritsar


    27 July, Birth Anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh - by Sant Kirpal Singh

    “The great day that Hazur Maharaj appeared in the world in the physical form was Tuesday 27th July, 1858. Such personalities appear on the scene to guide the child humanity back to the true home of their Father. They are children of light. When they come, they give light to all irrespective of the creeds and colours to which they belong. He was word-personified and dwelt amongst us. He was love-personified. He was an incarnation of peace and joy. Blessed were they who sat at His holy feet or whom He took under His care, and who sought Him and Him alone”. - Sant Kirpal Singh

    Sawan Singh BIO Cover ENGet the Booklet "Baba Sawan Singh - His life and His teaching" here:
    Baba Sawan Singh - His life and His teaching

    LOVE AND DEVOTION - Dr. Harbhajan Singh

    HAVE LOVE FOR ALL - Sant Kirpal Singh

    PURPOSE OF HUMAN LIFE - Dr. Harbhajan Singh



    PEARLS OF WISDOM - Guru Nanak

    HAZUR BABA SAWAN SINGH - The King of our Hearts

    PEARLS OF WISDOM - Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

    "Initiation – Contact with Naam" by Sant Kirpal Singh

    Fast forward around the Sarovar

    Glimpses of the Oceans‘ Grace – Love and Devotion

    "Glimpses of the Oceans‘ Grace" contain excerpts from talks by Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh underlined with scenes of Kirpal Sagar. 

    Today: "Love and Devotion" by Dr. Harbhajan Singh