Dr. Harbhajan Singh and Biji Surinder Kaur

Their example inspired others to lead a life with higher values.

Comissioned by Sant Kirpal Singh to carry on His work, Dr. Harbhajan Singh and Biji Surinder Kaur dedicated their whole lives to the service of humanity and built up the Project Kirpal Sagar.

Both disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh, who because of their sincerity and truthfulness, were soon entrusted with important duties in His Mission.

In 1973 Sant Kirpal Singh laid the foundation stone of the future MANAV KENDRA in Nag Kalan. At the same period, He commissioned them with the Kirpal Sagar Project.

In April 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh gave them instructions for His further work, including Initiation. When a few months later, on 21 August 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh left His body, Dr. Harbhajan Singh was the only one whom He allowed to stay at His bedside until His last moment.

From then on, Bhaji and Biji, as they were called, conveyed His instructions everywhere for His further work, relying on Sant Kirpal Singh‘s statement: “My children are scattered all over the world, when they will come together there will be a revolution of spirituality.“

In India, a special phase was marked in 1982, when with the laying of the foundation stone of Kirpal Sagar, the construction work was started. From then onward, Kirpal Sagar remained the central focus of Bhaji‘s and Biji‘s work.

It can be said, that Dr. HARBHAJAN SINGH along with His wife SURINDER KAUR kept the HOLY TEACHING on its highest level, and – not by attracting quantities of people, but by accomplishing the wish of the MASTER.