Rules and regulations

As per the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh, Kirpal Sagar gives all people of good will an opportunity to meet in love and unity beyond all faiths or social differences. We learn to see each other as equal children of God and ourselves as members of a human family that works together for the benefit of all.

If we actually do so, we will easily detect those factors, which undermine our direct conscious contact with the Godpower within and we will replace such habits with modified ones, which really help us to develop further. We can call this a manmaking-process. Manmaking means that we analyse everything that binds us to the outside conditions in an unhealthy way and then to bring our attention back to our inner source with the Grace of God.

Then we will not have to talk about non-violence, or why a vegetarian diet is helpful, or why taking drugs (also such like alcohol or tobacco) is contraproductive for our manmaking process and we will happily leave such habits outside the gate.

The supreme rule in Kirpal Sagar is therefore, not to harm ourselves and our spiritual development and not to harm others.


By clicking on the picture you can download a bruchure about Kirpal Sagar as a PDF file:

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