Spirituality Basics

Spirituality is a very wide and difficult subject for those who try to find their way only through intellect and mind. It is a much more simple task for those, whose normal condition is that of devotion, compassion and love.

Kabir quoted: "It is so simple, that hardly anybody can understand."

Today we have tons of books and thousands of opinions and only very few practical people, who could solve the mystery of life and death.

They came to know, that behind all we can experinece with our senses there is an inner power, through which all our thoughts and deeds are done and the whole creation is driven. And this power is fully selfless and doesn’t take anything. 

However we are mostly unaware of this fact. Out of ego we have created our own world, which is now full of fear, and so uncertain, that it could crash to dust at any moment. In the end, we may pray to our imagination of God, and ask why He would allow such conditions. But what we experience now, is only the response to, what we thought of beforehand. There is a law of action and reaction, which is very deep-rooted and can only be overcome, if we see the controlling power behind. That is why, Sant Kirpal Singh always stated: "Seeing is above all!"

The quotations in these chapters point out, what the reason and the solution to this problem is. Sometimes it sounds simple, but as long, we don’t do it, it remains difficult, and sometimes it sounds difficult, but if we would only change our state of mind a little bit, then we would be able, to pass through a wide open door, which we could not see for ages. 

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Spirituality Basics