Sant Kirpal Singh

"Take hold of the garment of a brave soul, one who moves freely between earth and heaven." We do need a friend capable of working on all the levels of existence, so that we may have the benefit of his instructions and guidance here in this life as well as in the life hereafter, on realms astral, causal and spiritual, and who will take us to the Home of our Father. Who then can do all this? None else than God Himself and He is the true guide and Master: "One who stands supreme from beginning to end, take Him to be our guide and friend." 
                                                                                                                       Sant Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh

Masters came into the world to teach us a lesson of love and devotion. Those who met them were pierced by the humility, universal love and peace they emanated.

All the lovers on the way really found no sign-post, but the devotion and love for their Master. He who wins over the heart of the Master has no wish, he will never ask anything for worldly purposes.

Sant Kirpal Singh went through that process and He taught us the same – to live for others and serve others. We are one in the form of our consciousness, in the form of our soul.

He is the Masterpower who is within, and He is one and the same for everybody. If we remember Him, He will remember us. Devotion and faith need no time, they are very spontaneous. He is there, in the beyond, but He lives in each one of us. He is the life of our life, He is the breath in our breath. He is very close, He hears us, He hears everything within us. If He is caught somewhere, He is caught only out of love. This Power works all the time.

One time Sant Kirpal Singh was asked: "Who is Your successor? Who will work after You?" And Sant Kirpal Singh said in the very open Satsang: "You are all my Saints, you all can work. For you the golden age has come, for whenever the Almighty Power comes Himself, it is the golden age for the disciple to go back to eternal home. No Master is necessary when the Almighty Power is doing His work." So all that is needed today is sincerity and truthfulness and the rest should be left in the hands of God.