People Services

Humanity means to care not only for one's own self and the family but also to share with others according to one's possibilities. Misunderstood charity, however, often leads to dependency. So help is directed cautiously, leading to an improvement of the living conditions, thus enabling people to help themselves.

From the very beginning of the construction of the project Kirpal Sagar, humanitarian help was provided to the people of the surroundings. Dr Harbhajan Singh organized Eye-Camps and Medical Camps, sewing-machines were distributed to widows, and subsidies given to elderly people. In the course of over thirty years the supporting measures were continuously amplified.

Mrs Surinder Kaur continues this line of work and is permanently extending these activities.

Beside medical care for the needy at the "Kirpal Charitable Hospital", it is important to us to provide children with good education. For this, the "KH Public School" and the "Kirpal Sagar Academy" have been established.

Not only are their own schools developed, school materials and uniforms are given to schools of the surrounding area. Specially constructed wheelchairs for the handicapped are distributed and unskilled workers have the opportunity to receive job training in different workshops to become more independent.


As long as you are in the body – give, give and give! When you are no longer in the body, who will ask you to give?