We are very wise and know a lot about our physical being and how to keep it fit and fine. In the realm of intellect as well, we have taken tremendous strides. We are busy investigating the interplanetary systems. The knowledge of the Reality is quite a different thing, and we have never tried to probe into it, nor do we know the means to do so.

A talk given by Dr. Harbhajan Singh in Berlin/Germany, June 3, 1994

This is Thanksgiving Day for all – each one of us personally should stand up and thank Him, you see. Not only this moment, but throughout the day, every day, every moment of life.

He has given us the manbody; that is the greatest reason for Thanksgiving Day, because there are hundreds of other bodies in which we can do nothing.

Manbody is the golden opportunity which has been afforded us in which we can go back Home. Is it not the greatest Thanksgiving Day? - Sant Kirpal Singh

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Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh

GODPOWER, CHRISTPOWER, MASTERPOWER – Audio Talk by Sant Kirpal Singh on December 25, 1963

"I have had the great pleasure to present to you for your consideration this Christmas Night, truths which I have come to know through experience and by study of comparative religion." – Sant Kirpal Singh

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We are fortunate in this twentieth century that we have got scriptures, which are a fine record of the valuable sayings – words of wisdom – which the various Masters gave out in their times. What do they contain? The scriptures are a record of the experiences that the Masters had with God and with knowing one's self – what things helped them on the way and what things stood in the way. By reading the scriptures, we develop an interest to have the same experiences that the Masters had with God in their lives.

Sant Kirpal Singh BiographyGet the Book "Sant Kirpal Singh - His life and Mission" here:
Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission

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