Selfless service

To serve the poor and the needy is the true selfless service. If you give food to the hungry, you will never feel hungry. If you give water to the thirsty, you will never feel thirsty. How true is the prayer of the meek and unwanted and accursed is the life of him who ignores, and how great and broad-hearted is the one who works selflessly and gives head and heart to overcome the miseries of others. By holding onto the treasures of virtues he becomes actionless. So long as one knows not the miseries of others, he knows not the very secret to overcome his own miseries. Wise persons tell us that it is vain to ask for pleasures and shun pains. More one does, more one feels happy. This is what Sant Kirpal Singh ever felt.

                                                            Dr Harbhajan Singh

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'Service' you should bring before 'self' which in turn exalts the self to great heights. It should be free, voluntary and in a spirit of loving dedication to the Lord, the indweller in each heart. The “Self” should so expand as to embrace the totality of which it is an integral part, for in the welfare of all is indeed the welfare of the individual.

Sant Kirpal Singh