Common Kitchen - Langar

The Common Kitchen (Langar), where the food is cooked in sweet remembrance of God, is daily providing vegetarian food for more than 300 people. In Kirpal Sagar on certain occasions (Bhandaras) thousands of people participate at the meals. Due to the Farm, the Project is self-sufficient with basic food.

The two-storied building contains various offices, a telephone exchange, a small printing press and a computer room with public internet access. Most of the upper floor is used for apartments.

Some words about vegetarian diet:
The vegetarian diet has been becoming more and more popular everywhere; this is mostly due to the rising concerns about the preservation of environment and the necessity to produce sufficient resources to feed the increasing population.

The spiritual teachers since ages have been recommeding the vegetarian diet in order to strengthen health but also stress on its ethical basis. Sant Kirpal Singh wrote, "A natural diet, comprising vegetables, fruits, nuts, butter, bread and cheese, in moderate quantities, is highly nutritious for the health and strength necessary for carrying on the obligations of life, either earthly or spiritual", and in another writing He explained, "According to the moral, social and spiritual conduct, one must not interfere with the lives of any animal among God’s creatures. In India, this standard of living is enunciated as Ahimsa or non-injury to all living creatures. This led to the vegetarian diet ..."

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