The days between 10 and 19 March were marked by happiness and by pain. Even though love wants to ignore that nothing in this world is permanent, there is no exception to the rule. On 10 March, Biji Surinder Kaur's birthday was celebrated, and a few days later, on 19 March, she returned to her eternal home. 

Personalities like Biji, as she was called by everyone, had something to give to humanity that was not imperishable. Self-realisation in the spiritual sense was the strength that Biji radiated and through which she won the love and respect of all. 

In this video one can see an area of the Amritsar Centre that existed in the time of Sant Kirpal Singh. Dr. Harbhajan Singh, called Bhaji, and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur, residing in Nag Kalan near Amritsar, worked at the Amritsar Centre from the very beginning. 

On 6 March 2016, Biji visited the Amritsar Centre for the last time and gave her love and support to all.

Our attention, which is the expression of our soul, is diffused into the world through the outgoing faculties and is identified with them, so much so that we have forgotten ourselves.  

As I told you, it is the soul alone that can know God. Like knows the like. Soul is a conscious entity; God is all consciousness. So the first thing is that we should know ourselves. All Masters, whenever they came, they gave out the same thing: Know thyself. 

How can we know ourselves? By liberating ourselves from the clutches of mind and the outgoing faculties; or, you might say, by analysing ourselves from mind and matter; or, still further, you might say, by rising above body-consciousness. When you know yourself, you will see that that very God whom you find within is already there.

Who is affected by passions cannot obtain liberation.

All Masters, whether they came in one religion or the other, have been very particular about this point. What are we doing? These things are given great stress, but we people don't care. That's the pity. Buddha says, "I proclaim the annihilation of lust. I teach the doing away with lust. Nirvana means the subsiding of all human passions. When inner fires of lust are extinguished, then one enters into the Nirvana. This is the lesson of lessons." … This is the most important thing and the most ignored. 

A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR SANT KIRPAL SINGH had been arranged by His disciples for 25 January 1964 in Washington, D.C., as He would be returning from His second world tour to India shortly. 

"God is love,  the Master  is Love Personified. When one soul comes in contact with His overflowing love, we are saturated with His love through and through, which washes away all dirt of sins of the past and merges us in oneness with the Father." − Sant Kirpal Singh

Our thanks to Ruhani Satsang USA for the video footage − scenes from His stay in Europe (Austria, Germany and America).



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