Why we don’t see the reality?

With the words of  competent, self-realized people we may better understand why God always seems to be hidden from us, and why there seems to be no place for us to get eternal peace and no island to stay forever.

The fact that we do not see the power which is moving the bodies conceals the truth from our eyes and as a result the whole matter appears in an unrealistic light for a common man.

The actual Doer behind the scene (the God into action Power) is no reality in our life and this will last until we see with our own eyes that there is indeed God overhead. “Seeing is believing”; no blind belief will remove the doubts.

The Greatest Fact in God’s Universe is God. The Greatest Need for humanity is to realize God. And the Greatest intention of God is to manifest Himself to man.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Because the one who understands and knows himself (man) gets to know God, too, as it is the infinite soul only that can know God and not the finite intellect.

The most important fact in our life is the attention, but hardly anyone is conscious about it, Master says.

Attention is another name for the limitless Power of God or NAAM or WORD as it is called by different names.

God Himself is all attention; He controls the entire creation by His attention and we, the individual souls are drops out of it. We do not have a soul; we are the soul.

We are pure attention that is the expression of “our Self” (the soul); we are embodied spirit and this is the truth.

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Spirituality Basics