Attention is the key!

One has to learn in practice to fulfill the purpose of human birth while living in this body, because the human birth is the golden opportunity, given by God to solve the mystery of life.

What is man's most important task? It is to know one's Self… When you rise above body consciousness, you can know the Controlling Power within you.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Everything is done by attention, nothing can happen without it. Attention, spirit, soul, life, love or God Power are all one and the same as ourselves, and the law is: Wherever our attention is bound, that’s where we have to go.

Therefore one can read in all the holy books the advice, be “desireless”, because God plus desire is man and man minus desire is God!

“Be desireless”, all Masters say this. Lord Buddha says, “be desireless”. It is desires that drag you out.

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Spirituality Basics