How to overcome cause and effect

We must be aware in our life that all of our actions, no matter if good or bad, done physically or mentally, consciously or unconsciously, have the same reaction that we ourselves have to bear: “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

This circle will not end, till we see that God is the Doer in everything and not “I” myself.

Kabir says, “Start your worship by being true to yourself, and He Himself will show you the way!”

BE GOOD, DO GOOD and BE ONE is the only precious ground where this eternal flower of love can grow.

God and His Power are subtler than the smell of a flower, and there is no instrument on earth nor any sensory organ that could ever recognize this life sustaining power of GOD.

Life cannot be known; life must know itself, since we are the everlasting life itself.

We ourselves are a part of this ocean of life and by knowing our own self we become conscious of the fact that man and God are indivisible; one and not two different entities; this is where real life begins.

One example of nature may illustrate the already existing unity between God and man.
The big oak tree is already present in the tiny seed from the beginning, but it needs nourishment and a suitable environment to be brought into existence. It is the same with God and Man: He is there already, but in a latent form just as the oak tree in the seed.

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Spirituality Basics