Soul and mind

What is needed now to make us aware of this reality is a true longing for the Truth in our heart and with such longing in our heart this power is easily activated; one may say, “where there is fire, oxygen comes to help”.

But one thing must be noted…

As long as mind loves diversity, differences and parts of opposites, it will not be drawn towards the Unity of Reality!

Sant Kirpal Singh

So for this reason right understanding is needed; right understanding that GOD and the Soul are one reality like the ocean and its drops are one reality and the second thing is - very important, but very rarely known: The soul itself and God are without movement; whatever moves is always the mind, not the soul or God, Kabir is saying.

This may be new for many, but it is true and it is the key to understand the mystery of life better.

Between God and spirit, there is no other obstacle but that of a veil of the mind. If this veil were to stop fluttering in the breeze of desires as it does at present, the spirit can take in directly the cosmic energy from its very source.

Sant Kirpal Singh

The mind is the creator of everything, but God is the basis where all this happens and comes into existence. He is an ocean without movement and without limit, neither born nor will He ever undergo any change and in fact we all are drops out of this all-pervading reality.

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Spirituality Basics