No one can be said to have been born for himself alone, for none can be an island unto himself. 

Sant Kirpal Singh

But we must keep in mind; it is all a matter of God’s Love and Grace; by no actions from our side – no matter how good they may be – can the Truth be revealed.

Be Good and Do Good and Be One, is only the minimum necessity to get access to the inner hidden values of our life, but love is the way and without love we actually stand nowhere.

Love is blessed if directed to the God overhead, all Consciousness. If it is directed to the physical body and its attachments, it is bondage, it is slavery, it is attachment. You come again and again to the world where you are attached. This is the difference between the two.

Sant Kirpal Singh

If a man becomes conscious and is aware that anything he is seeing right now, God is also seeing through his eyes right now, then he will never be alone again.

Since God and man are not two different beings, it is quite natural that whatever we feel He also feels; whatever we see, He sees exactly the same and everything else, too.

This consciousness makes a man. If we forget again the unity already existing between man and God, then God will still see through our eyes, but we will feel alone again.

When someone lives accordingly, being true to his own Self, having love for all and hate none, one can be sure to have protection, guidance and at the same time sweet remembrance of God, without having to do anything; only by being conscious.

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Spirituality Basics