We are very wise and know a lot about our physical being and how to keep it fit and fine. In the realm of intellect as well, we have taken tremendous strides. We are busy investigating the interplanetary systems. The knowledge of the Reality is quite a different thing, and we have never tried to probe into it, nor do we know the means to do so.

A talk given by Dr. Harbhajan Singh in Berlin/Germany, June 3, 1994

GODPOWER, CHRISTPOWER, MASTERPOWER – Audio Talk by Sant Kirpal Singh on December 25, 1963

"I have had the great pleasure to present to you for your consideration this Christmas Night, truths which I have come to know through experience and by study of comparative religion." – Sant Kirpal Singh

SAY 2012 01 Godpower Cover ENGet the Booklet "GODPOWER - CHRISTPOWER - MASTERPOWER" by Sant Kirpal Singh here:

This is Thanksgiving Day for all – each one of us personally should stand up and thank Him, you see. Not only this moment, but throughout the day, every day, every moment of life.

He has given us the manbody; that is the greatest reason for Thanksgiving Day, because there are hundreds of other bodies in which we can do nothing.

Manbody is the golden opportunity which has been afforded us in which we can go back Home. Is it not the greatest Thanksgiving Day? - Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh BiographyGet the Book "BIOGRAPHY of Sant Kirpal Singh" by Sant Kirpal Singh here:
Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh

We are fortunate in this twentieth century that we have got scriptures, which are a fine record of the valuable sayings – words of wisdom – which the various Masters gave out in their times. What do they contain? The scriptures are a record of the experiences that the Masters had with God and with knowing one's self – what things helped them on the way and what things stood in the way. By reading the scriptures, we develop an interest to have the same experiences that the Masters had with God in their lives.

Sant Kirpal Singh BiographyGet the Book "Sant Kirpal Singh - His life and Mission" here:
Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission

During His Third World Tour 1972 on 13 September, Sant Kirpal Singh spoke at the Chamber of Commerce, Southhall, Middlesex, London, at 6:30 p.m. So many came that all the chairs had to be removed in order to accommodate everybody. Sant Kirpal Singh gave a beautiful talk on the verse of Guru Ramdas, "Rama ham dasan das karija", and explained its meanings, pointing out that we should derive maximum benefit from the golden opportunity that we had. 

Sant Kirpal Singh BiographyGet the Book "Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission" here:
Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission

All of us, brothers and sisters, are celebrating the birthday of our Hazur Baba Sawan Singh. By the company of such a great Saint, one gets the intoxication of spirituality.

Title: Mere Preetam Pyare by Bhai Tarbalbir Singh Ji
Album: Mere Preetam Pyare
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Sawan Singh

SATSANG is the sacred arena where spiritual stalwarts are built. It is the pool of nectar which grants blissful God-intoxication and all differences of caste, creed, or country sink down to their lowest ebb. Your purpose in coming to Satsang is to imbibe the love of God, to sit in His sweet remembrance, to unite with Him. All things, past and future, all irrelevant matters can be dealt within your own place of residence. Come, but come with the very best of intentions. Bring the remembrance of the Lord with you, and take it with you when you leave. Even though you may not understand all that is said, yet if you sit with full attention you will profit by it.

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Morning Talks

The subject of meditation is directly connected with the purpose of human life, the development of the consciousness – the soul or spirit in man. Nowadays, meditation is done like breakfast is taken. Some people meditate to fulfil their wishes, some meditate for peace of mind. Some people meditate to gain riches in the world, name and fame. Some people do it only for the building of the body, to get rid of the diseases. Some people make a show of their meditation, there are mesmerism, spiritism, spiritualism, there are hundreds of branches out of it, and they have nothing to do with spirituality on the contrary they are dangerous traps for the soul. Some meditate to acquire supernatural powers, some meditate to influence others, and some people meditate for salvation. With these aims, however, one stays on the level of mind and cannot reach the plane of consciousness. There are a thousand ways of meditation, which will not take us anywhere. So it is of great importance to find out what is that meditation, which will transcend us above the body consciousness and take us back to home eternal. Which is that meditation, which provides us the water of Life and bread of Life?

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"The purpose of human life is to know the secret of life. But, strange as it may seem, we remain indifferent to it. This world is a pantomime show. It is a stage on which we come, play our part, and then depart. Why has this stage been set? Nobody can say. We can, however, go to the stage director to understand the purpose and plan of stage-setting. There is some Power that is upholding all this play, and we are mere actors or puppets on the stage of life. We cannot, however, escape from this stage until the part allotted to us is performed. He alone knows how long this play is to last and in what way each one of us is gathered." - Sant Kirpal Singh

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Talk in Salzburg / Austria – July 30th, 1993

"SO MUCH IS SAID ABOUT THE THIRD EYE, all Masters have told about the Third Eye, even competent Masters tell about it, and so-called ‘masters’ tell us, but there is a very big distance (between the two); that of the earth and sky. Everyone says, “Here is the seat of the soul”, but no one knows where is the seat of the soul. Because that is not made of the flesh. Before we reach at the seat of the soul, below is the intellect, then is the mind and afterward there is the soul. If you do not overcome the intellect and mind, how can you reach at the seat of the soul? This is such a subject, if you understand it, then I assure you that you will never be misguided or misled by anybody in the world." — Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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Radio Interview of the Siddhartha Foundation, Massachusetts

"Masters' path to the higher consciousness is first to know about his own Self as conscious being. Soul is a drop of the ocean of all consciousness and all Masters in the past told us: "Man know thyself" – who we are, what we are. We are con­scious entities, having the man-body – the highest in all creation, and by this it is possible to know oneself. Unless one man knows himself, he cannot know the higher consciousness. So this is a practical subject for which a demonstration is given first to know oneself." - Sant Kirpal Singh

INTERVIEW with David Tuturner and Sant Kirpal Singh in the broadcast "On the Path to Higher Consciousness". The programme is produced by the "Siddharta-foundation for the study of higher consciousness" in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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"If we understand this principle or Law of Karma, then we can come out of it and go back home. Otherwise, we'll keep on coming and going and coming and going. So each cause has an effect. Every action brings about a reaction. Uproot the cause and the effect disappears. This has been done by the Masters who have transcended these laws. But all others are bound by the bonds of karma, which is the root cause of physical existence. Of course, these are very good actions, the reactions of which have given you the manbody. But still we have to be very careful what we do: either we are trying to go back down or back home." - Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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"This science is to know one's self: that we are spirit in man, that we are eternal, that we (as spirit) never die, that the man-body has been given to us as the golden opportunity in which we can realize that. So this practical subject is called "spirituality", not only having the labels of one religion or the other – that makes no difference." - Sant Kirpal Singh

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"Those who want to be successful in their life, in their worldly pursuits, and in the spiritual way of life, they have to start it from within and not from outside. Outside factors won’t help you when you do not prepare them from within. You have to prepare the outer effects from within and not from outside. Inside is the preparation, outside is the positive effect for the worldly things." - Sant Kirpal Singh

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