The days between 10 and 19 March were marked by happiness and by pain. Even though love wants to ignore that nothing in this world is permanent, there is no exception to the rule. On 10 March, Biji Surinder Kaur's birthday was celebrated, and a few days later, on 19 March, she returned to her eternal home. 

Personalities like Biji, as she was called by everyone, had something to give to humanity that was not imperishable. Self-realisation in the spiritual sense was the strength that Biji radiated and through which she won the love and respect of all. 

In this video one can see an area of the Amritsar Centre that existed in the time of Sant Kirpal Singh. Dr. Harbhajan Singh, called Bhaji, and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur, residing in Nag Kalan near Amritsar, worked at the Amritsar Centre from the very beginning. 

On 6 March 2016, Biji visited the Amritsar Centre for the last time and gave her love and support to all.

A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR SANT KIRPAL SINGH had been arranged by His disciples for 25 January 1964 in Washington, D.C., as He would be returning from His second world tour to India shortly. 

"God is love,  the Master  is Love Personified. When one soul comes in contact with His overflowing love, we are saturated with His love through and through, which washes away all dirt of sins of the past and merges us in oneness with the Father." − Sant Kirpal Singh

Our thanks to Ruhani Satsang USA for the video footage − scenes from His stay in Europe (Austria, Germany and America).



Who is affected by passions cannot obtain liberation.

All Masters, whether they came in one religion or the other, have been very particular about this point. What are we doing? These things are given great stress, but we people don't care. That's the pity. Buddha says, "I proclaim the annihilation of lust. I teach the doing away with lust. Nirvana means the subsiding of all human passions. When inner fires of lust are extinguished, then one enters into the Nirvana. This is the lesson of lessons." … This is the most important thing and the most ignored. 

Our attention, which is the expression of our soul, is diffused into the world through the outgoing faculties and is identified with them, so much so that we have forgotten ourselves.  

As I told you, it is the soul alone that can know God. Like knows the like. Soul is a conscious entity; God is all consciousness. So the first thing is that we should know ourselves. All Masters, whenever they came, they gave out the same thing: Know thyself. 

How can we know ourselves? By liberating ourselves from the clutches of mind and the outgoing faculties; or, you might say, by analysing ourselves from mind and matter; or, still further, you might say, by rising above body-consciousness. When you know yourself, you will see that that very God whom you find within is already there.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS with Sant Kirpal Singh

My point is that so long as the spirit does not rise above body-consciousness, we remain a stranger to the spiritual world beyond. The real thing is to know one-self, to know the spirit in you.  We are spirits in God. - Sant Kirpal Singh

With the words of Sant Kirpal Singh, we wish you a peaceful and blessed New Year 2022!
"There is a lan­guage spok­en in ­the ­home of ­our Fa­ther; ­that lan­guage is ­love. ­Speak in ­love, ­take every­thing in ­love, ­weed ­out every­thing in ­love. ­That is ­the ­way ­back to ­God."
Our thanks to Ruhani Satsang USA for the video footage - WASHINGTON D.C. 1963

Bringing a project into existence and making it successful depends largely on the people who are committed to it. Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Biji Surinder Kaur are a remarkable example of this. 

In this video you can see scenes during the construction of the Hall for Satsangs and Conferences - called "Kirpal Bhawan" - in 1993. The hall was built within only 29 days, thanks to the full attention of Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur and the support of many workers.  

The "KIRPAL BHAWAN" was opened on the occasion of the "World Conference on Unity of Man" in 1994. Since then, all festivals or "Bhandaras" are held there.

SAY 2011 EN TitelGet the Booklet "GURMUKH – the perfect disiciple" by Dr. Harbhajan Singh here:
GURMUKH – the perfect disciple

The motto of Sant Kirpal Singh is very simple to understand: 'BE GOOD – DO GOOD and BE ONE'.

Kirpal Sagar is a man-making and man-service centre, since the purpose of an awakened one is to develop the man from inside and outside. 

Kirpal Sagar, located in India/Punjab. This place is a common ground for all people to get together, irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion or country. It belongs to all human beings of the world.

The heart of Kirpal Sagar is the Sarovar, where four symbols of different religions – a gurdawara, a temple, a church, and a mosque – exists which fulfil the basic necessity for a true person to understand that God made man and man made religion. True religion tells that all human beings have the privilege to get together under one canopy to remember God and to meditate on Him. – Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh BiographyGet the Book "BIOGRAPHY of Sant Kirpal Singh" by Sant Kirpal Singh here:
Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS with Sant Kirpal Singh

Film from the Second World Tour 1963 by Stephen Koziski. Our thanks goes to Ruhani Sasang for the Video footage.

Mind is an important term in spirituality, but our concept of it differs a lot from that in the East. There, mind is considered to be material, not conscious, whereas in the West, it is conceived of as conscious.

Spiritual Elixir engl 2019Get the Book "SPIRITUAL ELIXIR" by Sant Kirpal Singh here:
Spiritual Elixir

REMEMBRANCE - September 25, 1995

Those who met him will never forget Dr Harbhajan Singh, who was always our 'Bhaji' or brother. He explained so many details about the teaching and competency of our Master Sant Kirpal Singh, as well as about the Master’s Mission, and made it very clear what a great boon it was to even know about Him. 

In Honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh engl WEBGet the Book "In Honour of Dr Harbhajan_Singh" here:
In Honour of Dr. Harbhajan Singh

DEATH ANNIVERSARY -  August 21, 1974

Dr Harbhajan Singh describes the painful time till the physical departure of Sant Kirpal Singh: "The date and the time of His departure were approaching so fast. All such things, if and when they come, are to be borne, to be absorbed within, and one has to yearn for the Beloved. Otherwise the essence of love is lost. That time was neither good nor bad. It was due to His wish and without the interference of anyone. For us, it was strange and is still strange. Now we bear the separation to meet Him forever. May we all get together only to live and do for Him. This is the shortest way to overcome this separation." Our thanks to Ruhani Satsang USA for the video footage.

Sant Kirpal Singh BiographyGet the Book "Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission" (Chapter 11: "Forever with Him") here:
Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission

“The great day that Hazur Maharaj appeared in the world in the physical form was Tuesday 27th July, 1858. Such personalities appear on the scene to guide the child humanity back to the true home of their Father. They are children of light. When they come, they give light to all irrespective of the creeds and colours to which they belong. He was word-personified and dwelt amongst us. He was love-personified. He was an incarnation of peace and joy. Blessed were they who sat at His holy feet or whom He took under His care, and who sought Him and Him alone”. - Sant Kirpal Singh

Sawan Singh BIO Cover ENGet the Booklet "Baba Sawan Singh - His life and His teaching" here:
Baba Sawan Singh - His life and His teaching

"A child is the centre of creative life. It needs to be opened as a flower, gently, by sym­pathy, not by force. Do not let the child be imprisoned in the examination machine; never let him be snubbed and scolded. Teachers should train students in the spirit of sympathy and love, blending informa­tion with inspiration and knowledge with love." Sant Kirpal Singh

SAY 1999 01 COVER ENGet the booklet "Marriage and family life" from here:
Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh – Marriage and family life

Interview with Dr. Harbhjan Singh at Kirpal Sagar, February 1994 - Punjab/INDIA

"Whether we are politicians, religious or spiritual leaders everyone thinks that we should serve, we should help others. We can bring in harmony, a loveable atmosphere, not (only) in our own environment, but from man to man, from the level of man. So it will cross all the barriers which we created among the religions, among our races, among the countries, and this world can become a wonderful house of God and we can find the unique value of our life and see our father working in all of us." - Dr. Harbhajan Singh

SAY 2013 EN TitelGet the scripture "SAYINGS 2013 - Truthful living is still above Truth" from here (Download):


"The first question which all great souls have placed before us is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge precedes God-knowledge. This can only be attained by the practical guidance of a spiritual adept who has analysed His own self. What does He enjoin upon us? Shake off the mortal coil and rise above body-consciousness. There are various sheaths covering the soul--physical, astral, causal, and great causal. As the soul transcends the limitations of the three bodies--physical, astral, and causal--one gains self-awareness, cosmic awareness, and super-cosmic awareness respectively. By rising above the causal body, self-knowledge dawns, and one is nearer to the Reality and knower of it. How can the mystery of "knowing thyself" be solved? Through the grace of a Godman you can have experience of self-realization and thus enter the mansion of the Lord which is the true home of the soul. Having experienced this, Guru Amar Das explains this." - Sant Kirpal Singh

GODMAN engl 2019Get the Book "Godman" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

“With great good fortune one receives contact with Naam, and then one works hard for it. Such a person truly makes his whole life a success and thereby finishes the succession of births and deaths. This is the teaching of the Masters”. - Sant Kirpal Singh

NIGHT IS A JUNGLE engl 2019 TitelGet the Book "The Night is a Jungle" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

WE TALK OF GOD, hear of God, and read of God, but we seldom practice God in our daily life. It is the practice of the presence of God that matters, and we can only have the awareness of this presence by leading a God-like life; there are no shortcuts on the way back to God. To achieve true spiritual progress, one must lead "the good life," I may even say a "God-like life," before much inner progress can be made. – Sant Kirpal Singh

MAN! KNOW THYSELFGet the Booklet "MAN! Know thyself!" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

WHEN PRAYER IS THE SALT OF LIFE we cannot do without it. But whom do we pray to? The answer naturally is, "To the one supreme God or the Godman in whom His power resides and through whom it works in the world." All religions are in agreement on the point that prayer at the seat of the soul draws out all the latent powers of Godhood within and one can achieve spiritual beatitude through it. It is a connecting link between the Creator and His creation, between God and man.

Prayer engl 2019Get the Book "Prayer" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

"We have to understand all values of life – social, ethical, and spiritual. All around perfection is the goal of life, and it is the highest education that one must take. No one wants us to leave our hearths and homes and go into the wilderness. All that is required is to give some time to spirituality; that should take priority over everything else. The riddle of life has got to be solved one day, and the sooner it is done the better it would be for us herein and hereafter." - Sant Kirpal Singh

Morning Talks engl 2019Get the Book "Morning Talks" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

Unforgettable moments with our Biji during the World Conference on Unity of Man 2007 in Kirpal Sagar. The Conference was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Kirpal Sagar Project and the birthday of the founder chairman Dr. Harbhajan Singh - Bhaji. 

The special highlight of the World Conference was the unveiling of the four symbols on the central building in Sarovar. It represents the models of a Gurdawara, a Hindu temple, a mosque and a church connected in a line. Their respective shapes symbolically refer to the human body. 

The Indian Sangat sang bhajans the night before the inauguration in memory of Bhaji and Sant Kirpal Singh, who had commissioned Bhaji to build Kirpal Sagar. As nobody wanted to leave, it lasted till dawn. We will remember it forever.

Biji Surinder Kaur engl WEBGet the Book "Biji Surinder Kaur" (Biography) from here (Download):





The most natural form of prayer that bears fruit is the yearning of the soul, conveyed with "the tongue of thought" without the aid of spoken or mentally crafted words. Such a prayer generates and releases an abundance of spiritual energy so that all cosmic forces are attracted and combine to make things the way they are best.

The video is accompanied by footage from the Sarovar in Kirpal Sagar, India.

Prayer engl 2019Get the Book "Prayer" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

This talk is one of many which were given by Sant Kirpal Singh in the mornings at the time a number of people from the West were staying at Sawan Ashram, Delhi, India. In between Sant Kirpal Singh translates the talk into the local language for some listeners.

Later the collected talks were first delivered in the Hindi language and afterwards translated into English by Sant Kirpal Singh and publicized under the title “Morning Talks”.

Morning Talks engl 2019Get the Book "Morning Talks" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

What remedy can there be for the heart which is aching to have a glimpse of the Master? Nothing else – no words, no consolation will help. This is a prayer from the disciple to the Master: "Don't forget us!" And usually you'll find, as a matter of fact, that the Master himself never forgets. But the disciple cries, "I have only one heart and that You have now taken possession of; what am I to do? I can think of no one than You Yourself." (Sant Kirpal Singh)

GODMAN engl 2019Get the Book "Godman" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

When man realizes what he has done and what he wants to do further, all his serious problems in life are solved. When he realizes how he behaves and how he should behave, how he got into the habit of these behaviors and how he can now eliminate them, then he can overcome the serious adversities of his life.

NAAM engl 2019Get the Book "NAAM or WORD" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

Spiritism, spiritualism or hypnotism, cannot help us on the spiritual path. To know ourselves and to know God, that is called spirituality, frankly speaking. What things help us to know ourselves, and what is not helpful, and how we can separate our self from the senses and intellect, that is a practical subject. And that's really called spirituality. 

SPIRITUALITY engl 2019Get the Book "SPIRITUALITY - What it is" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

A German Version you get from here:ät-Unity-Man-Einheit-Menschen/

All the holy scriptures and all the teachers in the world have emphasized the greatness of man, because he has enormous possibilities within himself, which, if he wants, he can develop to any extent that leads to Godhead. "Pearls of wisdom" are spiritual treasures that can inspire us on our way to achieve this goal of life.

Crown of life engl 2019Get the Book "Crown of Life" by Sant Kirpal Singh from here (Download):

10 December - Birthday of Dr. Harbhajan Singh
In the Holy Scriptures it is said: "He who sees Him in all and all in Him is His true disciple". Dr. Harbhajan Singh was a living example of this. In his heart was the love for his Master Sant Kirpal Singh and also the longing and desire to develop his brothers and sisters. In his own words: "My greatest desire is to see Him at work in all and all in Him - for all times to come".

In Honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh engl WEBGet the Biography "In Honour of Dr. Harbhajan Singh" from here (Download):

After Sant Kirpal Singh left His body in 1974, Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur supported each other to cope with this loss while continuing His mission. Throughout her life she worked to realize her Master's dream and completed the task for which she and Dr. Harbhajan Singh have always lived: To keep the spiritual heritage fresh and alive as in the time of Sant Kirpal Singh, without ever claiming a special position for themselves, but by both being a source of inspiration and help for all seekers on the spiritual path.

Biji Surinder Kaur engl WEBGet the Biography "Biji Surinder Kaur - Forever One" from here (Download):